Struggling to Finish a Tender? Here’s Why You Should Use a Professional Tender Completion Service

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Writing a tender can be a laborious task, whether you’re new to the world of tenders or a well-versed writer. It involves plenty of technical writing as well as knowing exactly what criteria you’re going to need to impress and win a contract. Even then, getting lost amongst the paperwork and information needed is a common occurrence — distracting many from finishing a tender.

In certain cases, those writing a tender could hit writer’s block or not know how to best frame a solution that directly or best answers a tender’s problem, which is essentially what a professional tender completion service would help one do.

At Bidsmith, we offer expert tender writing services in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane, helping clients nail their tenders every single time. Backing our words with strong strategies is how we win — our experienced tender assessors know exactly what evaluators are looking for.

However, in some cases, hiring a tender writing service may be out of your budget, which can be rough. Here are some tips you could use to help yourself get through that last mile of tender writing:

Re-evaluate tender conditions

Always ensure you properly understand and answer to tender criteria. Create a framework to refer to so you know your tender isn’t missing an important section. Often, an overload of information can drown the real purpose of a tender losing you the contract. Make sure you state your purpose and solution clearly in accordance with the tender conditions.

Background tasks

When drafting a tender, always ensure you have all the information needed in one place. Post developing a framework, you will know exactly what information you need — make a checklist and ensure it’s in one place. This will drastically shorten the time you need as well as highlight what information you’re lacking so you can work on putting that together.

Some key areas of research involve competitor research. Knowing who to expect as your potential competition as well as devising ways to outdo them or rework your propositions to ensure you aren’t outdone by them is a great way to stand out. Offering a well-rounded solution that noticeably outweighs competitors is easy to do when you put the time in to work that research. Putting together a winning solution isn’t hard to do when you’ve done all the groundwork.

Another important point to round off your tender document is ensuring your references check out. While researching or putting together your tender, reach out to your references and make sure you’re on the same page as each other.

Get professional advice instead of a full service

If hiring tender completion services is too expensive, maybe asking for professional advice instead will work out better for you financially. If you follow the above steps and get all your information in place, all you’ll really need is someone to officially sign off on it, letting you know that it has an evaluator’s stamp of approval.

However, if you’re really looking to win a tender and prefer an expert tender writer on board, reach out to us at Bidsmith! We’d be more than happy to help, through strong advice or our winning tender writing skills.