Tender Writing

Our tender writing service helps you win tenders.

We save you time

Preparing a tender response can take a lot of time. We are specialist tender writers and we are very familiar with different tender documents. This means that we can work efficiently on any tender response and provide effective tender writing services.

While we develop your tender response, you save time and can focus on and grow your business.

The right experience at the right time

You might not employ full time tendering specialists, let alone a team that can surge if you are very busy. For different tenders you might need different types or levels of support.

By accessing our team of tender consultants, you can get the right skills at the right time and only pay for help with tenders when you need to.

Our tender preparation team brings decades of tendering experience across all industries.

We remove uncertainty

Tender documents can be daunting and confusing and tender writing might not be your strength.

We work with tender documents every day and we know what to look for when writing successful tenders. We make sure that nothing is overlooked.

We can answer all your questions about the tender process. We are your partner through the whole process.

We navigate the process

Requests for tender can be hard to understand and you may not know the best way to respond to a tender. Each tender request is different and can require a different approach for writing a tender response.

Our process gives you a clear plan for the tender response and we work alongside you the whole way.

We let you focus on your area of expertise, while we manage the tender response process for you.

We showcase your strengths

Quite often you know your business so well that it can be hard to fully explain your value or what you do well. You may also be unsure about how to best demonstrate this in your tender response.

Because we are independent, we look at your business and your offer with a fresh set of eyes. We ask you lots of questions and use this information to highlight the value that you can offer.

We are invested in winning tenders

You want certainty that your tendering partner is aligned with your objective to win.

Wherever possible, we provide a fee structure where you pay a portion of our fees only when you win your tender.

What we do

Our proposal writing goes far beyond spelling and grammar.

We write winning tender proposals that deliver a compelling commercial offer. We are more than bid writers – we are bid and procurement specialists who can improve your win rate.

How we help you win

An experienced bid writer will work with you to understand your business and the goods and services you provide. Then we present your offer in a manner that addresses the evaluation criteria.

We bring a mix of skills that ensures the response we develop for you can demonstrate why your business should win. Our experience as tender assessors lets us write bids and proposals that appeal to the reader and give you a higher evaluation score.

Because we are independent, we can challenge your perceptions and assumptions to make sure you have a compelling and appealing proposal. Our bid and tender writing services go beyond writing. Our tender writers also examine ways to present your information in diagrams and graphics. This is to make your message clear to a wide range of potential assessors.


How we help you in writing tenders and proposals

For your bid or proposal, we will support you with one or more experienced bid writers. Our proposal writer will become part of your team to help you through the tender process.

We work with you to establish:

  • The bid writing team roles and tasks
  • Proposal team communication
  • Tender document and version control
  • Quality assurance and quality control of the tender or proposal.
  • We will review relevant previous tender submissions.


How we help you win

Understand the request and know what information is needed for the response.

We will analyse the entire request document to:

  • Identify key issues needed for a winning bid
  • Analyse the tender assessment criteria and methodology
  • Develop strategies to link key messages to the response

Focussing on the assessment criteria, we will talk to you about:

  • your bid strategy
  • what you know about the request and the purchaser
  • what is important to you about this opportunity.

This will help us to showcase your key messages and points of difference in your response. After completing this analysis, we will develop:

  • an outline response in the most appropriate format
  • supporting guidance for gathering and/or developing content
  • a summary of relevant information about the submission.


How we help you win

Work with you to gather and develop content

Our team will be available throughout the tender response period to work on your proposal.

Your assigned tender writer will contribute to specific elements of the submission content in accordance with the roles we agree with you. This will include drafting text and/or enhancing existing content. We will seek your input into sections the submission in which you hold subject matter knowledge and experience.

Bidsmith will also challenge and improve existing content to ensure you have the most compelling response possible. The output of this work will be a draft submission ready for review.


How we help you win

Review the response through the purchaser’s eyes

Bidsmith has experience in private and public sector tender assessment. We will use this to completely review the bid from the purchaser’s perspective. We use members of our team who have not been intimately involved in the development of the bid. This ensures that the review is truly independent.


How we help you win

Ensure the submission is lodged correctly and on time.

We will work with you to check all the administrative elements of the submission and to prepare it to lodge.