Professional Tender Writing in Brisbane

If you are unsure how the tender process works or just want a winning edge, our Brisbane tender writers are ready to help you with your next project proposal. Knowing how to write tenders well is critical to your success.

In the Brisbane region, we regularly respond to Department of Finance and Department of Defence tenders as well as government tenders at all levels.

We have lots of experience responding to the Brisbane City Council and the Queensland government. Our tender consultants have also responded to countless requests for tender from private sector purchasers.

We also work with our clients to develop expressions of interest and to help secure places on government panels.

We provide tender writing services in Brisbane and the type of proposals we have worked on include:

  • Construction and Building works
  • Information technology
  • Security
  • Cleaning
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Property Development
  • Numerous other goods and services

Our team of Brisbane tender writers’ experience has helped countless local businesses win hundreds of millions of dollars worth of work.

How to Write a Proposal

There are many factors that lead to a successful proposal.

The way we help you write bids and proposals is:

  • assign you an experienced bid manager and tender consultant
  • examine the request for tender document to understand the scope of work
  • review the tender evaluation criteria
  • talk to you to help develop your proposed solution
  • develop the proposal template and work with to you create compelling content

Depending on the form of tender, we will create an executive summary that helps tie the key selling points of your bid together. We typically do this late in the bid process when we understand the key aspects of your response.

Our team comes from a background in Australian Government procurement. This means that before you submit your proposal, our Brisbane tender writers will review your submission from the purchaser’s perspective. This final check is an excellent way to dramatically improve your win rate.

Other Considerations

For some types of projects, the Queensland Government Charter for Local Procurement applies.

Project funding thresholds (typically $2.5m or $5m) activate the Charter’s requirements. For example, in large construction projects, the Charter may require the prime contractor to use procurement strategies that support local businesses and suppliers. Helpfully, the government provides project proposal templates that to assist successful contractors.