A Professional Tender Company to help you win

Welcome to Bidsmith where success for you equals success for us.

We partner with you to help you win work and grow your business.

For any tender, in any industry, our team increases your potential to win.

Welcome. We're here to help.

Welcome to Bidsmith.
My team and I have one goal and that is to help you grow your business through winning tenders.

To help you win your next tender, we bring the experience of having been government tender assessors coupled with decades of tender preparation experience. I’m an engineer, project manager and procurement specialist by training and my team brings a raft of additional tendering skills and experience across all industries.

We’ve been helping grow businesses like yours for nearly 15 years.

Tendering is all we do. It is our skillset and our passion.

I look forward to Bidsmith helping you win your next tender.


Ian Maas

Ian Maas

Who we are

We provide tendering services in Australia. We are a team of tender consultants. Tendering is different to marketing, graphic design or copy writing as it includes strategic and commercial aspects. Our team brings the experience you need to write a compelling tender response, expression of interest or similar proposal.

Because we are all full-time employees, we work as a team. When you engage Bidsmith, a tender company, you engage the team, not just an individual and this gives you access when its needed to a wider range of relevant skills and experience including:

  • Private sector contracting and tendering
  • Government contracting and tendering
  • Bid management and bid coordination
  • Former Government purchasers
  • Domestic and international contracting and project management experience
  • Workshop/seminar speakers
  • Legal qualifications
  • Construction qualifications
  • Accounting qualifications
  • Graphic design skills
  • Concise writing skills.

Our background – Why we exist

Bidsmith was originally founded in 2006 by former government procurement specialists as BMV Solutions.

As purchasers we identified that so many businesses were outstanding in their own fields, but that tendering was not something that they excelled at – and this meant that they often missed out on winning work. Then, and now, Bidsmith exists to help businesses tender for work, win work and grow.

Since inception:

  • Over 80% of our work is repeat business or referrals – our clients are successful and keep coming back
  • We have prepared over $30b of submissions – our clients trust us with bids of all sizes
  • We close a tender every 1.5 days – our clients trust us to meet deadlines
  • We have supported over 50 different industries – we can support businesses to tender for anything
  • We have clients in every Australian state and territory and as far away as Europe and the Middle East – demonstrating we can support you wherever you are in the world.

For Bidsmith, tendering is all we do. We are specialists in this field and stick to our knitting. This means that all our systems, staff and management are solely focused on helping our clients win tenders, and we are not distracted by any other type of work.

What sets us apart is that our key staff have been purchasers and understand what happens on the ‘other side’ of tendering. All our staff have extensive experience across a wide range of industries and locations and bring decades of bid and tender management, tender writing and submission coordination experience. This means that we can help our clients write tenders that meet both the stated and unstated requirements of any tender.

Who we help

We help any sized business, in any industry, with any level of tendering experience.

Whether you have never tendered before, or have previous tendering experience, we can partner with you to help you win.

Read About You to find out how our team can meet your specific needs.

Confidentiality and trust

We have hundreds of previous and current clients. Because of what we do, our clients must trust us with lots of commercially sensitive information. We honour this trust above all, and treat all our work as commercial in confidence.

Very deliberately, we do not publish a list of previous clients or make this available. Our client list is impressive, and it contains many major well-known names and brands as well as countless small and medium businesses across the country.

Our success comes from our clients’ success and we do not breach the trust of our clients for our own marketing purposes. While some new clients ask us for samples of our previous work, they are quick to acknowledge that they would never want us to share their tender with anyone else and immediately appreciate our stringent confidentiality management.

It is this trusted relationship that helps us create the most effective submissions, as our clients have no fear of us compromising their sensitive information.

Great alone, better together.