6 Things To Consider When Hiring a Tender Writer in Melbourne

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Many businesses, when first stepping foot into the world of tendering, prefer to hire professional tender consultants or writers to boost their chances of success. Because the tendering process can be highly complicated, it helps to have a professional on board to show you the ropes. From helping you find the right tender for your business to researching, preparing and writing the tender proposal through to editing and proofreading it, a good tender writer will take the load off your hands and prepare a winning proposal for your business.

But it is not just any tender writer who could do all this. Like in any other industry, there are good bid writers and not-so-good ones. To find the right bid writer for your business, look for the following attributes:

  • Working Under Pressure

One of the most valuable attributes of any good tender writer is their ability to handle pressure. The tendering process is highly stressful, and it is common for every proposal to be rewritten from scratch at least thrice. This can often be quite demotivating, and multiple last-minute changes can make even the most level-headed person lose their cool. The bid writer you choose must be able to work under pressure. Moreover, they should be able to look at their proposal objectively, which will make it easier to make any changes that may be necessary without getting frustrated. Such a bid writer will also take criticism much more readily, ensuring a better outcome for all.

  • Time Management

Bid management and submission is a process that can often take a lot of time. It could be weeks or even months before you’re able to submit your proposal and if you miss the deadline by even a minute, all of that effort will go down the drain. Tender submissions are highly time-sensitive, so you need someone who can get all the various aspects of preparing a tender completed in time by being well-organised. This will not only ensure that you meet your tender’s deadline but that your proposal is prepared well ahead of time, so you’re not scrambling to make edits at the very last second.

  • Industry Knowledge

Many bid writers have worked for people in the same industry as yours. This gives them insight into the inner workings of your line of work, which means you’ll have to spend less time going over the technicalities of your business. This should include a knowledge of your industry’s laws and regulations, any licenses and accreditation required to work and the challenges your industry is facing. Even if the bid writer doesn’t know everything about the industry (and let’s be honest, it’s impossible for any one person to know everything about every industry), they should be able to do thorough research, grasp concepts fast and have some general knowledge about the industry.

  • Following Instructions

When creating tender documents, it is imperative that any and all instructions provided by the buyer are followed to the letter. Many tender documents come with a ready-made template that you are expected to follow, as well as a certain structure to compile your answers. The tender writer you choose should be aware of this, and should make sure all of your submissions are compliant with any given instructions.

  • Ability to Say No

The right tender writer will know when to say no. Not every tender will be best for your business, and spending time preparing a proposal for a tender you have no hope of winning can be detrimental to your business. A tender consultant will be able to match your company’s USPs to those of your competitors and compare them to the mandatory and recommended requirements of the tender to find out your chances of winning the proposal. Then, if your company is found to be lacking in any aspect, the tender writer or consultant should be able to be straightforward with you instead of giving false hopes of success.

  • Writing Skills

Of course, one of the most important skills for any bid writer to have in their repertoire is excellent and persuasive writing skills. Bid writing is an art that is developed over time, as is the ability to look at your own writing objectively, editing and rewriting where needed. Additionally, it can be helpful if the tender writing service you choose also has some background in graphic designing. This is because while many tender requests come with templates, many others leave the structure of the proposal to you. In such situations, submitting a proposal in an attention-grabbing yet clean and accessible format can help set you apart from your competitors.

How Bidsmith Can Help

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