About You

You need to know that we are the right partner and that we understand your business and your needs.

We tailor our approach to your needs and your business and below we’ve described how we help different types of businesses win work.

First time tenderer / Small business

As a first time tenderer, one or more of these statements may describe you:

  • We are newly established and want to win work.
  • We’ve been trading for some time, but now we want to pursue tenders to grow our business.
  • We’ve been working in a market that does not usually involve tendering, but now we want to expand our business to serve clients who purchase using a tender process.
  • We’re great at our core business, but we are not experienced tenderers.

You may identify the following problems:

  • We don’t know how to tender
  • We don’t have enough time
  • We don’t have tendering experience in our team
  • We don’t want to make an accidental mistake.

How Bidsmith helps

We are tendering specialists who have worked with countless businesses like yours. We understand your pain points and uncertainty.

We bring tendering experience from small and large business across all industries. This means that even though this might be your first tender, you are not starting from scratch. By combining our tendering knowledge with your service and product offering, we can help you create a tender response that can compete with well-established tenderers.

Our service saves you time and allows you to focus on your business while we focus on the tender process for you. You can continue to focus on revenue generation while we focus on winning new work for you.

Some tendering experience / Medium business

Your business is well established, and you have a track record of previous work. You have tendered before, possibly successfully, but you understand that tendering is a specialist skill. You know that tendering takes time and you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Quite possibly, you want to grow your business and take market share from a competitor or larger operator.

You might be trying to break into a new sector or win work from a new client. This might include wanting to win government work to diversify your client base. You may also want:

  • a specialist bid team, that you don’t have internally
  • an outside perspective to help you showcase your strengths
  • a commercial strategy
  • to compete against larger businesses who might have internal bid teams.

How Bidsmith helps

We love working with established businesses looking to find an edge to win more work.

We bring ‘big business’ tendering experience and work with you to compete on an even playing field with the big end of town. Typically, if you are in this zone, you are agile enough to consider clever commercial strategies and you are prepared to embrace the risk and opportunity presented in the tender and contract.

We love working with your senior management to develop a great bid strategy and to work with your team to create a submission that fully supports your strategy.

Experienced tenderer / Large business

You work in a large, top tier business that regularly responds to tenders. Your business will have a strong track record of tendering but may be need additional support for a particular submission. Most likely you have access to an internal tendering team, but you may want:

  • external strategy support
  • tender workshop facilitation
  • additional tendering resources
  • an outside perspective
  • specific skills, such as Defence construction or Commonwealth Government tendering experience
  • to assign certain elements of the submission to a dedicated team

How Bidsmith helps

We work within your tendering systems and corporate governance requirements. We understand that your business has processes and procedures you need to follow and that you need to brief your senior management team at key bid milestones.

We work with your bid manager (or can be your bid manager) and become part of your bidding team. Within your team we can provide many services including:

  • Bid Strategy
  • Bid workshop facilitation
  • Bid Management
  • Submission Coordination
  • Submission templates
  • Content development
  • Content enhancement
  • External review (Red Team and Blue Team)