4 Crucial Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Tender Writer

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Writing tenders is a specialised job that you cannot assign to just anyone. When millions are at stake, are you confident in appointing someone from your staff to handle the enormous task of securing the bid for your company? However, a tender writer in Sydney will help boost your chances of outbidding your competitors on that crucial project.

It is understandable that some small companies are hesitant to hire tender writing services since they can be quite costly. Securing expert services does not come free. But when you consider the distinct advantages of bringing in outside help, you will realise that it is more cost-effective to hand over the task of writing a proposal to the writer.

Critical Reasons to Hire a Tender Writer

Get value for your money 

Hiring a specialist will result in more tender opportunities, which brings more money into your business. You can see the difference, especially if you are a small business with no dedicated team to focus on preparing and packaging a bid proposal to win work. It means you have neither the assets nor time to spare to prepare a winning tender. For instance, some documents require 1,000 words or more to develop an in-depth argument on why you should win the contract.

In addition, you can focus on more important tasks by hiring a tender writer based in Sydney. You do not have to split your staff to dedicate themselves to fulfilling all aspects of the tender. As a result, they no longer have any time to help run your business.

Compete with larger companies

Those who have participated in bidding wars know how tough the competition is. And the odds are against you if you are a first-time bidder, especially if you do not have a long track record, unlike some of your competitors. However, what people look for in tender writing is not rocket science. Everyone has a fair chance of persuading the committee or the individual assessor on why you should secure the contract.

But you must know that it’s not only about the lowest bid. The committee will also consider other factors, such as the capability of delivering the project, the track record, management skills, and the ability to prepare a comprehensive tender. And this is where the tender writer can help you.

The writer’s talent comes in articulating your capabilities to persuade the client into concluding that you are the right business for the job, even if you did not necessarily submit  the lowest bid.

Meet client specifications

A skilled Sydney-based tender writer knows how to address all the client specifications. If you have no idea how to approach all the guidelines and what the tender requires, then it’s likely that your proposal will get rejected. The documents can be very overwhelming, and it’s not uncommon for some organisations to skip some steps in their haste to meet the submission deadline.

An experienced writer will collaborate with you to meet all the specifications and impress the evaluators. Bidsmith’s tender writing strategies would highlight your strengths and downplay your weaknesses.

For instance, there are nuances to tender writing that most people do not know. Expect to answer questions from our team so the writer can draft a proposal that will surely increase the chances of success.

Organise the chaos

The professional tender services team will bring experience and expertise into the equation. Nothing prevents a small organisation from going online to find DIY articles and videos on how to prepare a tender. However, tender preparation and management are an art. It takes years of practical experience and policy know-how to draft a winning bid.

With how much other important work you need to do within your business, it’s going to be wildly beneficial to get a professional to handle this particularly stressful part for you. It both ensures that you have someone who really knows what they are doing available to complete the work for you, and that you and your team are able to get back to what really matters; running your business. You need an effective tender management system to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities, new or existing ones and always put your company’s best foot forward.

The writer will wrap all your preparation into a persuasive package that will draw the attention of the approving authority. You want to make sure you don’t waste any money or time on completing an application that is rejected because you didn’t hire someone experienced in the field.  Cut out the possibility of making a mistake by getting someone who really knows tender writing to handle it on your behalf.