Construction Contractor Wins Government Tender

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A previous long-time client came to us with a challenge – Improve upon our already successful tender writing work. They wanted a new approach to winning tenders. They also wanted to respond to a specific request for tender issued by the ACT Government.

Having engaged our tender preparation services several years ago, they had successfully used our methods and tendering collateral to win many projects over several years. However, they decided that they should invest in a refresh of their tender and proposal material.

We were also asked to review their approach to tendering and write a tender response to ensure it aligned with what the purchaser was asking for as well as current best practice.

What we did was to work alongside our client to help them respond to a live construction tender process. We developed a new tender template and developed a tender-specific bid strategy. Using this as a base, we reviewed and updated all of their collateral to align with the updated template and their current practices and procedures.

We also helped develop a new approach to presenting their construction methodology and other parts of their tender.

The result of this was a successful outcome with a secured construction contract, and a new suite of tender templates and response template that they can now use for future tender submissions.

This is an excellent outcome and shows that the investment in one tender response can deliver benefits well beyond a single project or contract.