Maximise Your Bid Success Rate with Professional Tender Writers

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Tendering is a lucrative venture for businesses of any size and industry. In particular, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from having consistent work and steady cash flow, especially if they bid for longer-term contracts. However, as attractive as this sounds, tendering is a highly competitive space. Moreover, businesses are always looking for new opportunities, so you need to be strategic with your Australian tenders.

Given this landscape, Bidsmith works with all types of businesses, helping them win tenders and grow their revenues. With almost 15 years of experience in this space, we have a team of expert tender writers who have secured billions of dollars’ worth of contracts. Continue reading to learn more about how we can help you in more detail.

How Bidsmith’s Tender Consultants Can Help You

Many businesses are good at their core proposition, whether this is providing some products or rendering services. However, tendering is highly technical and complex. Without the knowledge and experience in this space, it can be overwhelming to understand the complicated jargon involved in reading tender documents or writing responses.

So this is where we come in. At Bidsmith, we have one main goal—to help you win bids. Whether you are interested in government contracting or private sector contracting, our team will guide you through the whole tender process.

Here are some key aspects that our consultants can help you with:

  •     Tender Opportunities

We give free access to Australian tenders for any business seeking opportunities. However, where we come in is we can sift through your options and advise you on the most suitable tenders to bid on. This way, you maximise efficiency in the process.

  •     Tender Writing

Our team knows how to write compelling tenders that meet the buyer’s specifications and showcase your company’s strengths. We work closely and discuss with you to learn about your business, analyse your needs, and identify strengths and weaknesses. Then, we get started creating the initial draft.

  •     Bid Review

Beyond writing bids, we also review them thoroughly before submission to ensure they are complete and correct. Should any issues or gaps be noted, we make improvements to polish the tender until it meets our quality standards.

  •     Bid Management

Managing bids can get tricky, from tracking deadlines to checking for responses. It becomes even more challenging as you submit more tenders, especially since you also have day-to-day responsibilities with the business. So to ease the workload, we also assist clients with bid management and coordination, ensuring they stay on top of all their tenders without stress.

Benefits of Outsourcing Tender Writing Services

Tendering requires a significant amount of time and effort, considering that this is not the core of your business. Outsourcing the work to professional tender writers allows you to focus on what you do best—running your business. Then, you can leave the technical work to our team to secure contracts continuously. Other benefits include:

  •     Compelling Tender Responses

Writing a tender is more complex than it sounds. It requires careful planning and management since you need to read through lengthy documents and think of costing, timelines, and other details.

Professional tender consultants know whit space through and through, so they can guide you in the right direction.

  •     Effective Bid Strategy

Many times, businesses start tendering with no strategy in place. Instead, they simply go for all open opportunities, even those that do not necessarily match their capabilities. This results in wasting most of your time and effort, so Bidsmith helps you build an effective bid strategy with clear objectives. This way, you streamline the decision-making process and focus on tenders with the highest chance of success.

Why Work with Bidsmith?

Bidsmith has been in the tendering space for over a decade now. We have worked with over 50 industries and prepared over $30B worth of submissions in our experience. Over the years, we have grown our network of clients who trust us to write and manage their tenders. Here are the main reasons they continue to work with us:

  • Professional tender consultants
  • Technical skill and expertise in tendering
  • Quick tender completions
  • Clients from every Australian state
  • Expert bid advice
  • Well-written tender responses
  • Proven methodology
  • High success rate

Overall, Bidsmith does not just help you write Australian tenders, instead, we craft winning strategies for your business. A key strength that makes us stand out is that many of our team members have experience being purchasers on the other side of the tender process. Thus, they know what buyers are looking for in response and will be there every step of the way.

Look no further if you are looking for knowledgeable and skilled tender writers to help you grow your business. Bidsmith has a holistic team ready to provide you with end-to-end assistance in the process. With their high-level experience in tendering, you can trust them to get you winning results.