How to Make the Most of Tender Writing Services

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Preparing and writing tenders is a collaborative effort. For instance, if you hire our tender writing services, you do not leave our writers on an island by themselves because that is a recipe for disaster. Bidsmith has the most talented writers in Sydney in its pool, and they will work with any client to prepare a compelling proposal to increase their chances of positive reception.

Ultimately, however, our writers and internal evaluators are not mind readers since they cannot anticipate the requirements of an uncooperative client.

Why work with tender writing services?

The primary edge of outsourcing tender writing is to save time and money. However, it might seem contradictory to say that you are saving money by spending money to hire a tender writer in Sydney.

However, you also need to consider the number of hours that employees bill the company when you write the tender in-house.

But there’s a huge caveat before you can take off the training wheels. In this scenario, you trust your employees to be well-versed in the government bidding and how to draft a winning strategy to secure a contract.

If not, it’s a huge gamble to delegate this critical task to something that gives you little to no shot at success.

As a result, you waste all that money on those billable hours with nothing to show for them.

In contrast, outsourcing the task to tender writing services will save you money and significantly make your life easier since you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

How to work with the tender writer more effectively

The only way to make the most of your investment is to ensure the undertaking succeeds. It would be a waste of time and money when you did all that work, only to fail eventually.

Here are some tips to maximise results when you hire tender writing services:

Expect to disclose company information

While you understandably would be wary about sharing some sensitive data regarding your company, the info required by the tender writer in Sydney is very specific. Knowledge sharing is a critical tool in successful tenders, so quell your doubts when working with the writer.

By putting roadblocks in the writer’s way, you might derail your chances by failing to meet the deadline. Besides, you will only share details related to the proposal. For instance, Bidsmith may ask you to provide internal policies, company CV and organisational chart, or identical contracts you might have submitted to another entity in the past.

Do your due diligence initially

This will help you prepare some of the financial requirements, for instance, as required by the bidding process. As a result, you will save a lot of time in collating the papers. Of course, you should also research the track record of the tender writing services to determine their success rate.

To illustrate, the writer usually churns out 2,000 words per day, so they might lose the momentum when they waste half of their time looking for supporting documents. Tending writing services follow the specifications outlined in the tender offer, ranging from as little as ten to hundreds of pages.

Keep communications line open

One way to do this is to assign a team that will work directly with the tender writer. Schedule a meeting with the tender writer in Sydney considering they could be busy preparing your business proposal. You may also email or call the writer for updates or clarification. Communication harkens back to collaboration to ensure everyone is on the same page. You may be asked to work closely with the writer to develop case studies if the tender requires them.

Trust the writer to do their job

You may think that the wording is not as professional as you might like, or you want to embed some jargon or numbers you think would impress the government agency. But you need to have faith in the process. Remember that the only currency of tender writing services is their track record. If you did your due diligence and are satisfied that they deliver on their promise, it’s useless to try to change the final copy in terms of tone and style.

Of course, you can still give your input during the proofreading process, especially regarding the accuracy of the information. But there’s a reason why Bidsmith consistently delivers winning strategies to its clients: our writers are incredibly familiar with the intricacies of the government bidding process.

Each copy by the tender writer will undergo a stringent review process within Bidsmith to ensure that it complies with quality standards and formats. Under this process, you may provide some last-minute remarks that will be incorporated into the final documents presented to the bidding committee.

Think of the tender writer in Sydney as part of your team as you design the most concrete proposal and secure the government or Defence contract. Your goals must be aligned to draft a clear and persuasive tender document.