Growing business engages external tender writing service and wins

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As a small but growing business, we had a client come to us with a tender response challenge. They needed to keep working on service delivery for their clients but wanted to win a new tender to help grow their business. What they wanted was tender support for a council tender and other upcoming tenders. They wanted a tender consultant who could bring an experienced bid writer to help them through the tender process and deliver a high-quality tender response.

Bidsmith’s tender support service was perfect for their needs. We brought a tendering team with highly relevant bid writing experience across public sector and government tenders. Our tender writer brought a wide range of experience, had a great success rate, and knew how to win tenders like this one.

The final tender submission was the result of weeks of work, with our team taking lots of pressure off our client, but engaging with them efficiently to ensure the tender response accurately described their service offering and showcased their strengths.

It was great to be part of yet another winning tender.

Regardless of your location or who you are tendering to, we can help you respond to tenders.