Defence tender win for transport provider

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In the middle of the COVID pandemic and travel industry shutdowns, a new client approached us with a challenge. They needed to win a Department of Defence tender for an important ground transport contract.

With private travel almost non-existent, turning to government tenders was crucial for this business and they needed a government tender writer to help them with the tender preparation process. The Bidsmith tender team includes many people with Defence industry backgrounds and we were perfectly placed to help with this tender writing task. Our team has worked on countless Australian government tenders and transport sector tenders, so again we were the logical choice to assist with this tender response.

We provided tender consultant support through the complete tender process from start-up to tender submission. To write winning tenders like this, we start with a detailed analysis of the request for tender documentation and then work with our client to agree the best bid strategy to help win the tender. With our client bringing their transport sector experience, we brought our experience of thousands of tenders and proposals, combining to create a great tender team.

If you need help with any bids or proposals, we are here to help. We work on state government local government, federal government and private tenders across the country. Whether you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere in between we can help write bids than win you work. Chat with us today to find out more.