Builder gets help to write a tender – and wins a construction tender!

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An emerging Queensland construction company needed help with the tendering process and engaged Bidsmith’s tender writers to help.

Our client had a growing business and did not have the time or in-house resources to commit to the tender submission full-time. Astutely, our client sought out our tender writing service and our experience in responding to construction tenders,

The project included partial demolition of an existing building and the construction of an animal healthcare facility on the site. One of the key requirements was for tenderers to provide a detailed construction methodology in their proposal response. Because our client was quite busy, we worked with them to understand the key issues and then drafted the methodology around these points. Because of our experience with similar tenders and proposals, our client was very impressed with our content and required minimal updates to be made.

This Queensland tender was one of hundreds of requests for tender we have helped clients with in the last year. With uncertainty in some sectors, many businesses are turning to tender opportunities, especially government tenders. For both large and small businesses, the ability to win tenders from bids and proposals is an excellent way to secure revenue. Using our tender consulting service is a great way to improve your tender response and chance of success.

Regardless of your location or industry, our tender team can help you with your next response.