The Importance Of Being Strategic When Writing Tenders And Proposals

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A common goal for every business, regardless of the industry it operates within, is to increase their rate of winning bids and secure more lucrative contracts. However, the process of writing tenders and proposals is infamously difficult and complex to navigate through without professional assistance by your side.

This can lead to many businesses into making the mistake of using a ‘shotgun’ approach and bidding on as many tenders as they can. But by partnering with experienced bid and tender consultants such as Bidsmith, implementing a more strategic approach allows you to focus solely on the bids that your business is most likely to secure.

Here are just some of the main benefits you receive when turning to bid writing professionals:

Tailored advice – not generic

Reading articles and blogs online can only get you so far in terms of helpful information regarding the tendering process. They can give you tips and point you in the right direction, but nothing compares to having a one-on-one consultation with an experienced bid writing professional.

With a wealth of tendering experience, our consultants will work closely with you to provide professional guidance and assistance when writing your tender response. We also focus on developing strategies that are tailored towards your specific goals and requirements to ensure your response has the best chances of success.

Spend less, earn more

Many businesses don’t have the luxury of having enough spending budget allocated to hiring an experienced in-house bid manager for reviewing and writing tenders and proposals. According to PayScale, the average salary for hiring an in-house bid manager is around $108,397 per year. Tenders are also not always released consistently, which can result in hiring an in-house bid manager with a lot of downtime.

By outsourcing to a professional and experienced bid management service, you will be spending less money while also increasing your chances of securing more lucrative bids. The more bids you secure, the more your revenue is increased.

Having your business grow

Even though it may sound obvious, as your business secures more winning bids, it will become more established and experienced. This experience is also ideal for creating potential case studies when writing future tender submissions and demonstrating exactly how you have delivered results in the past for previous clients.

When you are new to the world of tendering, having professional bid and tender consultants working closely with you will help your business stand out from your competitors and establish a name for itself. And through gaining more experience, your business will then become ready to tackle bids for much larger contracts down the track.

Outsource to specialist tender consultants

At Bidsmith, our experienced team of tender writing professionals will work closely alongside your business to understand and provide tailored strategies and guidance when writing tenders and proposals. Whether it is answering all your questions regarding the tender process, reviewing your tender before submission, writing a winning tender proposal or more, we are here to help.

Find out how we can assist your specific needs by calling Bidsmith on 1300 243 294 today or exploring our website for all the information you need regarding our full range of tender writing services.