The Bid And Tender Management Process And How Bidsmith Can Help You

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The bid and tender management steps can be overwhelming and confusing for people who are unfamiliar with its process. Even organisations that are familiar with it can still find the process, time-consuming and cumbersome on their own without help.  Here at Bidsmith, we live, eat and breathe bid and tender management and can demystify how the system works. We aim to bring professionalism, experience and guidance in regards to the bid and tender process to give you peace of mind. We also pride ourselves on privacy and will not reveal your details to other clients at any time. We know that revealing previous clients is a standard marketing procedure to ‘sell’ credentials, however, your privacy is extremely valued by us here at Bidsmith. We love to foster a good relationship with our clients and honestly, trustworthiness and high standards for privacy are how we achieve that.

There is some confusion about exactly what a bid or tender actually is. Here we will try to clear up some of the bewilderment as to what this process is and how Bidsmith can help you.

What is a Bid?

A bid is a formal approach for new or recurring business. This can be in response to a formal request from an organisation such as a government department or perhaps more informally if there is no official open and close dates. At Bidsmith we successfully close tenders every 1.5 days for our many clients. Our experience in this very important first step is second to none. We can liaise with all departments in your organisation to outline exactly what your company can deliver in the bid.

What is a tender?

A tender is an invitation for multiple companies to bid for the contact or recurring business with said company or department. This tender will also outline the requirements for the successful company and how the bid should be structured and submitted. Here at Bidsmith, we have viewed tenders for many industries and can interpret the needs of your future client.

Do you really need specialised proposal writers to successfully submit a bid?

In short, yes. Having a dedicated proposal writer means the bid will be written to an acceptable and professional standard and will be client-focused. Our proposal writers are extremely experienced and can tailor your submission to the industry and department in question. They are also great at compiling large amounts of information into one proposal seamlessly. Also, the proposal writer sometimes will liaise with a technical writer and these two professionals work together to make sure that the language and terms used in the proposal will be correct to an industry-standard AND easy to read in the proposal.

Other Frequently Asked Questions…..

I’m a small business, can Bidsmith help me with my bid proposal?

Yes, absolutely. Success for the client means success for us, no matter how big or small your organisation is. We do not limit ourselves to large corporations as we wish to help anyone with their bid and tender management. We also love fostering a relationship with our clients and thrive on making their dreams a reality.

I work in a fairly obscure industry, can Bidsmith help?

Bidsmith has experience in over 50 separate industries. We are confident that we can understand and help you have a successful bid submitted, no matter the industry.