Winning tender for maintenance contractor

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Bidsmith’s tender consultants have helped a new client secure a state-wide maintenance contract for a national vehicle workshop chain. Our client came to us because they needed help to respond to the tender and did not have tender writing experience themselves.

Additionally, our client was busy running their business and did not have spare time to attempt to respond to the tender without professional assistance. Our team provided bid management and a tender writing service for the whole response. We carefully examined the request for tender documents so that we understood the evaluation criteria and were able to develop the best possible tender response.

Starting with a tailored tender template, we then worked with our client to help write the tender response. We developed the bid strategy with our client and then saved them time and effort, by writing most of the tender submission for them.

Our extensive experience writing bids and proposals allowed us to do this efficiently and we provided a very cost effective service for our client. This is a perfect example of why it makes sense get external tender preparation assistance for critical tenders and proposals.

Our tender team is ready to help you win your next tender. We’d love to add you to our constantly growing list of happy clients who we have helped win work. So, the next time you see an invitation to tender that suits your business, don’t hesitate to talk to us about how we can help you with the tendering process.