What Professional Tender Writing Services Can Do For Your Business

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Many companies try to go the DIY route when it comes to tender writing. While there is nothing wrong with trying to write your tender proposals yourself, most businesses can benefit from investing in a professional bid writing service like Bidsmith. Because of how time and resource-consuming the tender writing process is, it can take internal teams weeks, if not months, to successfully write a winning tender. This is all time that your team could have spent doing the work they were originally hired to do.

Winning a tender can help you win hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of contracts. Moreover, it can also help you win new work and clients, further helping your business make a name for itself in the industry. When the stakes are this high, why wouldn’t you want to hire a tender writing professional to ensure you have the best chance of success? Like any other skill, being able to write persuasively without coming off as pushy is a skill honed over several years, something our bid writers have mastered. You wouldn’t try to install high-voltage wiring in a home yourself without at least a consultation with an electrician—why write your tenders yourself?

If you’re still not convinced why your business needs a tender writing service the next time you try to win contracts, let the following reasons change your mind:

  • Save Time and Money

As mentioned above, tender writing is a highly resource and time-consuming job. From doing the initial research and finding the right tender for you (which in itself can take days of continuous searching), to understanding the questions asked, finding the right answers and the best way to convey those answers, creating a template (if none has been provided), through to editing and proofreading prior to submission, writing a single bid proposal can end up taking months. Unless you have a dedicated bid writing team that is being paid to win new contracts for you, all of the above steps can take your employees away from what their actual jobs are. This results in a loss of productivity, ultimately losing you money.

On the other hand, by outsourcing the bid management process to Bidsmith, you ensure your employees have the time and energy to work on their actual job, while the work of writing proposals and winning new contracts continues on in the background.

  • Due Diligence and Compliance

When it comes to writing a winning proposal, it’s not just about having the answers to the questions asked. It’s about having the right answers and conveying them in the right way. A tender writing service will not only look at the question being asked, but will ensure your answers comply exactly with the requirements of the tender, are accurate and factual and that word limits are adhered to as well as ensuring that any format and template instructions are followed to a T. Taking care of all of these tiny things will make sure your proposal doesn’t end up in the ‘Rejected’ pile due to non-compliance.

  • Higher Quality Responses

Our tender writers have spent years mastering the skill of persuasive writing. More importantly, many of them have served on evaluator panels, which means they have insight into both sides of the tender process and are able to see exactly the answer the buyer is looking for and how a particular answer will be perceived by the evaluator. Moreover, they have written so many winning bid proposals for other companies, they understand what works in your industry and what doesn’t. Even if you operate in a niche industry, they can use the skills they have gained over years of writing proposals for other industries to deliver a high-quality response to the tender documents.

  • Objectivity

Perhaps you have already written the tender response and are looking for someone to go over it once before hitting the submit button. A third-party bid management service can look over your proposal from the eyes of an evaluator and can immediately detect any typos, grammatical or spelling errors that may have slipped past. Even more importantly, they are able to objectively assess each answer and see how it matches the question asked. Often, business owners and the key personnel of a company are unable to remove themselves and their emotions from the process to be able to adequately analyse their response to a proposal. The evaluator doesn’t want to hear about when and why you created the company and what led you to make certain decisions that you did. They want to know what you can do for them, and how your company’s decisions will impact the work you do.

In summary, a tender writing company like Bidsmith can not only help you save time and money on your bids, but also furthers your chances of winning new contracts. No matter what step of the tender writing process you’re at, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team today for information on how we can best assist you.