How to Find Government Tenders

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Every year, the Australian federal, state and local governments advertise thousands of tender opportunities, which are eagerly snapped up by businesses across a range of industries. Government tenders provide an excellent platform for you to showcase the capabilities of your company and further expand your project portfolio.

Given the competitive nature of tendering, it is important that you know exactly where to look to stay up to date with all the latest opportunities. Continue reading to discover the best tools and resources through which to find government tenders.


The Australian Government uses the tender process on a regular basis to encourage a competitive and transparent marketplace.

Should your targeted market be the federal government, your best resource is the Bidsmith tender search page. This tool provides free access to open tender notices from across the country, using keywords to filter by categories and keywords.

Clicking onto a tender will reveal key information as well as a link to the tender homepage (in the case of Federal tenders, usually AusTender) to download the documents.


Each Australian state and territory has their own portal through which they advertise tender opportunities. Bidsmith has significantly streamlined the process to find government tenders by also providing access to these opportunities via our online portal.

Bidsmith additionally offers a tender notification service, which is another handy tool that can quickly alert you to new opportunities. Signing up to our tailored notification system will ensure you are informed of new tenders within 24 hours of them entering our database.


There is no legislation that dictates local governments must follow a unanimous approach when advertising tenders, which can make it a little difficult to keep track of new opportunities.

Some local governments will submit their tender requests to their respective state government websites. These tenders will therefore also show up on Bidsmith’s search page.

Others may choose to only advertise on their own website. Should you be targeting local government tenders, it is best to make a list of the councils within your scope; check back regularly for new opportunities and sign up to any notification services they may offer.

You’ve found a tender, what now?

Once you have found a tender that matches the size, experience and capabilities of your company, you may be wondering what your next step should be.

Whether you are new to tendering or an experienced applicant, consider reaching out to a bid and tender management professional. The team at Bidsmith brings experience, knowledge and skills to elevate your application and ensure your company is represented in the best light possible.

Government contracting and tendering can be a difficult game, with large numbers of applicants that makes it tough to stand out from the crowd. Bidsmith will do the hard work for you, putting together a competitive application that allows you to focus on the work of running your business.

Whether you are trying to find government tenders or looking to upgrade the quality of your tender response, reach out to Bidsmith today to learn more about our team and services.