Go / No Go Part 2: Should I Proceed With This Tender Submission?

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In part 1 of our previous blog, we previously referred to the ‘Go / No Go decision’ and deciding if a tender was right for your business and also discussed what to consider regarding Mandatory Criteria and Evaluation Criteria. Before you start searching for the leading tendering services in Australia, you also need to consider Resources and Competitor Analysis.

Competitor Analysis

The next step to consider is Competitor Analysis. This is important even if you are 100% certain that you’ll want to tender, as a strong understanding of your likely competitors should help to shape your final response.

When you do your Competitor Analysis, what you need to look at is:

  • Who are your competitors likely to be?
  • For this opportunity, in what areas are they likely to be stronger than you?
  • Conversely, in what areas are you likely to be stronger than them?

If you’re unable to identify a single area where you will be stronger, whether that be personnel, price, experience, etc., then perhaps this tender is not the right one for you at this time. Instead, you can use this analysis as an opportunity for business development, by helping to understand what areas you need to improve before tendering in the future.

Ideally, your analysis will show at least one area in which you’re stronger. This then feeds into your tender preparation as well – you now know your relative strengths to emphasise, as well as your relative weaknesses to downplay.

For example, you may have identified that your price is likely to be more expensive than your competitors, but that you have more experience, better personnel, and stronger quality processes. The key message to convey in your response, then, is how your strengths outweigh the higher price so that the purchaser receives better value for money overall from accepting your proposal. Our experienced proposal writing consulting services can assist with this aspect and more.


After completing your Go / No Go analysis, you might land strongly on a Go decision, except that you don’t believe you’ll have Resources available such as the people or time available to write your response. This shouldn’t be prohibitive, however. Contacting experienced tendering services in Australia such as Bidsmith will help you to find out how we can assist to you and ease the burden of putting your response together, giving you the best chance of building a winning tender submission.

As we discussed in our blog about preparing for success, perhaps, in this case, you’d be better off finding businesses to engage with directly, to build up your experience and be ready to tender in a few years’ time.

We have now discussed the Mandatory Criteria, Evaluation Criteria, Competitor Analysis and Resources that you need to consider before you can jump into submitting your tender. To utilise one of the leading tendering services Australia, and to learn more information regarding how we can assist your tender needs, contact Bidsmith on 1300 243 294 or browse through our website today.