3 Important Tips When Writing a Tender Document Template

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It is of no surprise that creating, writing and submitting a winning tender requires a lot of hard work. However, just making a few simple changes can greatly improve your chances of winning a tender. Here are three important tips when writing a tender document template to make it stand out and give your business the edge over your competitors:

Presentation is everything

Ensuring your tender is clear and easy to follow is key to the assessors fully understanding your proposal. If you are asked to comply with several criteria, make sure your tender has included sections that specifically answer these criteria. Another tip is to optimise your headings and sub-headings with specific and relevant words to help to sell your product or service.

Instead of using words such as “cheap price”, you can adjust the wording to “affordable price” or “value for money”. If you are using lots of headings, include a table of contents at the beginning of the document for easy reference when reading through.

Have a pricing strategy

To improve the odds of your tender being successful and catching the eye, a pricing strategy is important. If you think that your competitors will bid a low quote due to making money from variations and extras, and then make it clear that even though your pricing may be higher than the competitors, your pricing will include extras or services that the competitors may charge separately.

If you are happy with the pricing criteria then you can submit your price as requested, but remember to give yourself options for variations and extras to the offered service.

The key to making a great first impression

When it comes to catching the eye and making a great first impression when first reading your tender, never underestimate the powerful impact of a good cover image. The perfectly chosen image can make abstract concepts clearer to the readers of your tinder.

When choosing the cover image for your contract tender template, you will want to select a high-quality picture that displays people using or providing your product or service. If authenticity is important, you can even opt for hiring a professional photographer to take photographs if you don’t wish to use stock images.

If you don’t possess any professional photos of your staff or products, you can always use stock images from various professional image libraries online. Just make sure you are selecting an image for your tender cover which sends the right message. If you’re demonstrating your business’s safety record for example, then photos of people wearing the correct protective and safety equipment is crucial.

Implementing the mentioned tips will improve your chances of your tender being successful. As the tender process can be stressful and confusing, from creating the tender document template to lodgement, Bidsmith can help guide you through the entire process and ensure a winning tender. To learn more information regarding how we can assist your tender needs, contact us on 1300 243 294 or browse through our website today.