Winning tender for architecture firm

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Bidsmith tender consultants have helped a prominent architectural firm secure a nation-wide federal government tender. At a time when private sector work is a little uncertain, this large scale government contract is excellent for their business.

The tender team we assigned to this tender came from a federal government construction background. This meant that we already understood the tender documents well and understood what the client was looking for in the tender response.

To help write this tender, we started with a bid strategy session to inform the bid plan and shape the tender writing strategy. Our tender consultants identified several inconsistencies in the request for tender documents and developed an approach to help our client manage these issues.

Our client was told by the purchaser that this approach was excellent and we had clearly explained how they would deliver the services, while also dealing with the document inconsistencies.

This tender is one of hundreds of winning tenders we have developed in response to Australian government tender requests. We look forward to helping you win your next bid or proposal.