Tender writing help for specialist contractor

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Bidsmith’s tender writing consultants have helped a specialist communications contractor get shortlisted to supply to the NSW government.

This new client had looked for a tender writing service in Australia who knew how to write winning tenders for government opportunities. Before we started, we demonstrated to our client that we had lots of experience with similar tenders and proposals and that we were the perfect partner for government tenders like this one.

Not only did we know how to write a tender response that met all the selection criteria, we greatly increased our client’s chance of winning. Our tender consulting service was very cost effective and it was much cheaper than employing full time tender writers for the limited number of bids and proposal this client responds to.

Our client was busy running the day to day operations of their business, so we managed the whole tender process for them. Our experience with similar tender submissions in both the government and private sectors meant that we could work very efficiently and bring lots of relevant experience.

The result of our work was another winning bid and this is testament to our proposal writing skills.

Regardless of your industry or location, we are ready to help you with your tenders, bids and proposals.