Tender consultant for government tender

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Bidsmith has helped a returning client to win a recent government trade services panel tender. This client is a small, family business and they do not have an internal tender writing capability. Instead they choose to engage Bidsmith’s tender preparation team when they have to write tender submissions. This proves to be highly cost effective for them as they only pay for tender writers when they need them.

As a government panel this was one of their most important business opportunities for the year as it is a core part of their annual revenue. To maximise their chances of winning, our experienced tender writers used their government and private tender experience to plan, write and review the tender response. We worked closely with our client through the entire tender process to ensure we had the best approach and content for a winning tender. Our bid writers also made sure that the tender document addressed all of the required terms and conditions so that the tender fully complied with the procurement process.

If you would like us to help write winning responses to your future tenders, we’d love to hear from you to discuss your tendering needs.