Securing a Game-Changing Contract with a Top-tier Home Insurer: Bidsmith’s Success Story

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Every contract can serve as a game-changer in the highly competitive landscape of private-sector tendering. Recently, Bidsmith had the opportunity to partner with a renowned building and maintenance contractor to respond to an invitation from one of Australia’s largest home insurers. The task? To provide both emergency response and long-term repairs to the insurer’s vast clientele.

A Strategic Approach to Bid Writing

Tendering in the private sector, especially with industry giants, demands not just a standard tender response but a compelling one. Bidsmith’s approach began with an astute Bid Strategy. Crafting a strategy is like plotting a roadmap: it ensures clarity of direction and that every effort aligns with the goal of winning tenders.

Tender Writing Tips:

  • Always begin with a clear strategy. Understand the objectives of the tender and ensure your proposal aligns perfectly with them.
  • Position your offer as the solution to the problems the client may not even know they have.

From Strategy to Action: Content Development

Our professional tender writer team delved deep into the contractor’s capabilities, understanding the nuances of their goods and services. This enabled the creation of a tender document that didn’t just meet the requirements but anticipated the needs of the home insurer.

Tender Writing Tips:

  • Ensure that your content is clear, and concise and directly addresses the questions or requirements outlined in the invitation to submit.
  • Use evidence and case studies to substantiate your claims and demonstrate proven capability.

Ensuring Excellence: The Final Review

While content development is crucial, the review before lodgement often determines the fate of a tender response. Our bid manager and project managers collaborated, refining the document to ensure it presented the contractor in the best light and optimally addressed the insurer’s needs.

Tender Writing Tips:

  • Always allow time for a detailed review. Fresh eyes can catch nuances or errors that might have been initially missed.
  • Use tools and expert tender consulting services, like Bidsmith, to enhance the quality of your submission.

The Result: A Competitive Tender Win

The dedication to strategic bid writing and meticulous preparation resulted in the building and maintenance contractor securing the coveted contract. This is a testament to the power of professional tender preparation and consulting.

Tender Writing Tips:

  • Celebrate your wins, but also learn from the tenders you don’t secure. Feedback is a valuable tool for improvement.
  • Consider partnering with a tender consultant for private-sector procurement opportunities. Their expertise can be the edge you need.


Bidsmith takes pride in assisting businesses of all sizes navigate the tendering process, ensuring they put their best foot forward. Whether it’s bid writing, tender consulting, or helping decipher how to write a tender effectively, our team stands ready to guide and support your business needs.

Are you ready to elevate your tender responses and secure those game-changing contracts? Reach out to Bidsmith today.