Bidsmith Strikes Gold: Securing a Multi-Million-Dollar Contract for a Repeat Client

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In the competitive world of tenders and bids, Bidsmith has carved out a reputation for turning complex challenges into winning opportunities. Most recently, we celebrated a monumental victory: helping a long-standing client secure a lucrative mine-to-port transport contract in Western Australia. We caught up with Bidsmith’s Director, Ian Maas, to delve into this latest achievement and the enduring partnership that made it possible.


Q: Ian, congratulations on the recent win with your client. Can you tell us a bit about the project?

Ian: Thank you! We’re incredibly proud of this one. It’s a multi-million-dollar transport contract connecting mining operations to Western Australia port facilities—a critical logistics link for our client and their customers. It’s the kind of project that not only demands precise execution but also innovative solutions to stand out in the tender process.

Q: Your team has worked with this client for over five years. What’s the secret to maintaining such a successful relationship?

Ian: It’s all about trust and results. From day one, we’ve focused on understanding their business inside and out. This deep dive allows us to tailor our tender responses precisely to their needs and the unique demands of the mining and resources sector. I believe our clients value our commitment to not just meet but exceed their expectations every time. And, of course, winning tends to strengthen relationships!

Q: Bidsmith offers ‘Tendering-as-a-Service.’ How did this model benefit your client for this particular tender?

Ian: Our ‘Tendering-as-a-Service’ model is perfect for businesses that encounter tenders sporadically. It gives them access to our full suite of expertise without the overhead of maintaining an in-house tender team. For this client, it meant we could mobilise quickly, bringing fresh perspectives and our collective experience to bear on their submission. It’s a cost-effective way for them to engage with tendering expertise precisely when they need it.

Q: Can you walk us through how Bidsmith approached this tender from start to finish?

Ian: Absolutely. We started with a strategy session to align our approach with the client’s goals and the tender’s requirements. Next, our team developed a comprehensive response plan, focusing on showcasing our client’s strengths and how they align with the needs of the mining and resources sector.

Content development was a collaborative effort. We worked closely with our client to curate and craft content that answered the tender’s questions and told a compelling story about their capabilities and achievements.

Finally, an independent review by a separate team within Bidsmith ensured we had a polished, cohesive, and competitive submission. This step is crucial; it’s where we catch any potential weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Q: What does this win signify for Bidsmith and your client?

Ian: For Bidsmith, it’s a testament to our team’s dedication and expertise. We thrive on these complex, high-stakes tenders, and each win is a celebration of our collective effort. For our client, it’s a significant expansion of their business in Western Australia, opening doors to new opportunities and securing their operations’ future.

Q: Lastly, any advice for businesses looking to navigate complex tenders?

Ian: Don’t go it alone. The value of having experienced tender consultants cannot be overstated, especially for complex or high-value tenders. Whether it’s strategy, writing, or review, a team like Bidsmith can provide the support and insights you need to turn tendering opportunities into wins.


As Bidsmith continues to support businesses across various sectors, our success stories underscore the value of professional tendering expertise. With a professional approach, Ian and the team are ready to guide more businesses through the intricate world of tender submissions, from mine-to-port contracts in Western Australia to other opportunities that span the globe.