The case for outsourcing your Bid Team

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Rarely has it made more sense than now to outsource tender preparation for your business. With businesses under competing pressures to cut costs but to win more work, it is increasingly challenging to successfully respond to tenders.

Small and Medium Businesses – Turn on a Bid Team only when you need it

For small and medium businesses who cannot justify full-time bid resources, outsourcing makes perfect sense. Just turn on a bid team when you need it and don’t pay for it when you don’t. Like outsourcing your accounting or legal support, outsourcing your tender preparation follows the same logic. Bringing in a specialist team when you need it is almost always better value than asking staff with no tendering experience to attempt to respond to a tender. It also makes sense to keep your revenue-producing staff focussed on generating income for your business rather than attempting to write a tender response (often after hours or on weekends).

Larger Businesses – The Right Skills at the Right Time

For larger businesses, we’ve seen lots of pressure on overhead costs recently and this has unfortunately led to the loss of some internal bid teams and tender writing resources. The short-term overhead saving comes with the resulting challenging of trying to secure new work for the business with a smaller, or non-existent, bid team. Again, this is where outsourced tender writing makes sense. By outsourcing, you can turn on the perfect skills and experience for any given tender, without having to hold those resources within the business full-time.

Specialist Assistance

In either case, you increase your chances of winning when you engage an experienced bid manager or tender writer. Using people who are familiar with the tender process removes uncertainty from your tender or proposal writing process. When we work with you, we identify parts of the tender that benefit from your team’s input. We develop the complete tender, taking your input and crafting it into a compelling bid.

The economics of outsourcing – Pay when you Win

For most businesses, outsourcing tender support makes immediate sense. You can access tendering specialists when you need them and not have to pay for them when you don’t have any tenders to respond to.

When outsourcing to Bidsmith, the economics make even more sense. Almost always, we can provide a fee structure where you only pay part of the cost when and if your submission is successful. This means that you can fund the cost of tender preparation from the work that you win.

This also shows that we have a vested interest in your success and that we go the extra mile to help you win your tender.

A safe pair of hands

Bidsmith has provided outsourced tender writing since 2006. We bring the right experience to partner with your business to help respond to tenders – anywhere – any time – any industry. Unlike others, we have not had to change how we operate because of the COVID-19 situation. Our proven, approach works perfectly in the current environment and even if your business is disrupted, we will bring stability to you tender response process.

Preparing tenders and developing tender submissions is all we do.

Our tender writing services are perfect for any of your upcoming bids and tenders, while your sales team and business development efforts focus on other avenues to secure work.

Want to know more?

Read more about our tender preparation services and even watch a video that explains the whole process here.