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Acquisition of a Radar Target Generator

Department of Defence - CASG
Commonwealth - National
Expression of Interest
41110000 - Measuring and observing and testing instruments
Closing Date
9 Jun 20
Acquisition of a Radar Target Generator

The Radar Target Generator (RTG) is intended to deliver a complete Radio Frequency (RF) Hardware in the Loop (HWiL) system. The RTG will permit the generation of a synthetic interfacing environment to establish observation of the simultaneous behaviour/s of one or more agnostic Radar/s Under Test (RUT) when subject to dynamic synthetic environments, synthetic Radar Target/s and an Electronic Attack (EA) response that seeks to deny or deteriorate the successful use of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) by the RUT. ADF platforms are required to operate in environments in which they may encounter hostile threats. Platform survivability in these environments is greatly enhanced if platforms can reduce the likelihood of detection by hostile forces but if detected, reduce their susceptibility to engagement by threat systems. The RTG is fundamental to achieving this objective.