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13-15 ALFRED ST, WOODY POINT - Document and Construct - 14x1B & 11x2B - PQC Level 2

Building and Asset Services - South East Queensland
Invitation to Offer
72000000 - Building and Construction and Maintenance Services - (100%)
Closing Date
26 May 20
13-15 ALFRED ST, WOODY POINT - Document and Construct - 14x1B & 11x2B - PQC Level 2

The Queensland Government is seeking Proposals for 87217DC1 - 13-15 ALFRED ST, WOODY POINT - Document and Construct - 14x1B & 11x2B - PQC Level 2
Where a PQC Level is stated, the Principal is not obliged to provide documents, consider or accept a tender unless the tenderer is appropriately registered under the Queensland Government's PQC system for that PQC Level (or higher) and categories for which the tender is invited.

Depending on requirements these goods / services specifically include but not limited to:
1. PQC Level 2
2. Trade licence required
3. Relevant Insurances required
4. Returnable documents as part of the tender submission are available on eTender and they are;

Tender Form
Returnable PBA Schedule
Charter for local content intent form
Trade break-up Schedule and
Non-price critera workbook

Tender documentation for this project is available from the QBuild eTender website at
Submissions are to be electronic via the QBuild eTender site.

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