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Department of Veterans' Affairs
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93131700 - Health programs
Closing Date
30 Mar 20

DVA intends to release a Request for Information (RFI) in January 2020.  The RFI is a voluntary information gathering process regarding a possible future operating model for DVA’s rehabilitation services. Through the RFI, DVA is seeking to collect information and opinions from interested parties involved in the delivery of medical, allied health, occupational, and other rehabilitation services. 
The RFI will invite interested parties to provide information on market developments, service delivery or product solutions and other relevant information to meet DVA’s requirements and facilitates an opportunity for industry to inform DVA on innovative options to achieve Program outcomes.  The ultimate aim is for DVA to be an informed buyer for any future approaches to market.
The RFI will not be a pre-condition to any future procurement process, but enables DVA to progress through further Future Rehabilitation Services Program development with an informed understanding of current industry practices and developments.
The RFI process is only one part of a wider information gathering, market research and industry consultation process.  Information obtained through the RFI and other research and consultative processes will be provided as inputs to relevant DVA decision-making and approval processes. As a result of these decision-making and approval processes, DVA may undertake further industry consultation and/or DVA may approach the market through a formal tender process.
An interested party is under no obligation to respond to the RFI and any response that is provided is submitted on a voluntary basis in accordance with the terms of the RFI.

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