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Supply of a paddock-ready portable SmartFeeder for sheep

Agriculture Victoria Research
21101900 - Poultry and livestock equipment - (100%)
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Supply of a paddock-ready portable SmartFeeder for sheep

AVR’s Lamb production sciences program, based in Hamilton, has a focus on improving the profitability of the lamb industry by optimising animal performance to match an individual animal’s physiological status with the nutritive characteristics of available pasture and supplemental feed. This program requires a paddock -ready portable SmartFeeder for sheep to enable precision feeding of individual animals in a grazing flock. This SmartFeeder will also be capable of recording individual animal intake data to a cloud-based platform to enable real-time analytics, and programming that can be easily adjusted to manipulate the level of feeding and/or diets available to individual animals. Given its requirement to be portable between large paddocks, the SmartFeeder must have its own source of power and be able to function in all weather conditions.